Body Wrapping

Science Behind Body Wraps

The cells of the skin are surrounded by interstital fluid. This fluid can accumulate in excess with in the cells and between the cells, because of lack of exercise, aging,diets high in salt and sugar, and build up of toxins.

Body wraps contain ingredients designed to draw out these excess fluids while restoring nutrients to the skin.

Universal Body Wrap

This is the closest thing to being “mummified”

The ingredients used may vary, but this term refers to being completely wrapped all over in muslin strips or elastic bandages usually to lose a few inches quickly.

Cellulite Full Body Wrap

Designed to boost circulation and flush out toxins, this wrap targets your cellulite, and focuses on buns,stomach and thighs.

Half Wraps

Five body parts below to create your own personal session.   Cost $75

Bust Lift Wrap

Arms Wrap

Thigh Skirt Wrap

Abdomen Wrap

Brazian Diaper Wrap

Mineral Wraps

Mineral Blends

The beauty wrap mineral blends gives us the flexibility to customize the wraps for your specific needs and desires. These take approximately 1hr 30  Cost   $110

* All blends offer the same great inch-loss and skin tightening.

The Infinity Wrap

Our anti-aging mineral blend with alkaline minerals, help correct the acid-alkaline imbalance that contributes to the process of aging.

The serenity wrap

Our signature anti-aging formula, with the addition of MSM, for a soothing, relaxing wrap. Also great for those with sore joints and for athletes.

The Vitality Wrap

Our signature anti-aging formula with the added power of 75 hydrophilic minerals, for a invigorating, energizing wrap.